Marengo Christian Church
Minister: Ben Underhill

Our Newsletter the Christian Caller will be posted here in the future.  It's still a work in progress.  It will also be linked to Facebook.


Women’s Council
Women Council will meet Monday, Aug. 1 @ 6:30 pm. Marti Stroud  and Janet Johnson are the hostesses, devotions by Betsy Pence and prayers by Janet Miller & Rebecca Sweeney. All the women of the church and their guests are invited.


August 6, there will be a canoe trip for the kids at Blue River in Milltown, IN. This is for the kids but anyone from the church can attend. Every child that attends must be accompanied by an adult. More information later. Rosie Cunningham is in charge of this trip.
    Sign Up ends August 1st

            SOUP KITCHEN  
The soup kitchen will be held August  27. The menu is beans & cornbread, kraut & hot dogs. We need help with the deliveries. If you can help, please let Ruth Byerly know. Thank you for volunteering.  

The next trip to the nursing homes will be August 4 @ 9 am.  Alice Edwards  & Ruth  Byerly are baking the cakes for the  birthday party at Todd-Dickey.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Ean  Edwards                                                     Aug. 1 
Justin Mills                                                                 1
Jenny Birkla                                                               3
Marti Stroud                                                              6
Marlene Jenkins                                                         6
Betsy Pence                                                               7
Alex Andrews                                                             8 
Julie White                                                                11
Derek Laswell                                                           12
Ralph Stroud                                                             13
Devona Dean Isgrigg                                                 16
Brady Michael Riddle                                                  18
Beverly Goller                                                            19
T. J. Donnelly                                                             20
Jon Howerton                                                            22
Megan Rose Harvey                                                   24 
Chandler Jenkins                                                       24
Anita Shields                                                             24
Danny Collier                                                            31          
Lucille Shields                                                           31 
Ernie & Marti Stroud                          7                      
Bruce & Ronda Hawkins                    10
Dylan & Jenny Birkla                         17
Loren & Rebecca Sweeney                 23

Facts and Figures

                                 7/3                       7/10              7/17                      7/24      

Attendance               70                           60                  72                          54        

Offering            $2545.00                 1722.75            $1495.00             1077.00              
Sunday School        26.00                     45.00               35.00                  24.75                         
Building fund        903.00                     
Soup kitchen           50.00                               
Pat Kitner,  Neomi Culbertson,   Sylvan (Chig) Creelius, Ruth Stewart, Kathleen Nice, Bill Grider, Della Wible, 
Dorothy White, Jack & Melody Bullis,  Susan Faulkenburg, Avery Reynolds, Lucille Shields, Geneva Thompson, Beth Newcott, Alvin Green, Teddy Joe Pearson, Vivian Gregory, Jon Howerton, Stacy Webster, Martha Bruner, Bruce Pearson, Lee Johnson, Linda Pantano, Marvin & Nadine Crecelius,  Sam McDonald, Joyce Miller, Tracy Brewer, Jack & Janiece Saltsgaver, Shirley Hanover, Lavone Benefield,  Fay Wible, Maggie Stewart, Carole Barton, Patty Sadler, Loren & Rebecca Sweeney, Duke Roggenkamp, Chris Bean,Ralph Hanger, Bob Richardson, Steve Pearson, Bill  Chanley, Donnie Jones, Randy Cunningham, Delmar & Carol Shelton, Loretta Fischer, Lucas Brown, Don Grady, Jamie Duke, Ralph Harvey, Blaine Miller, Charlie McDaniel, Mike  Jpmes, Marci Jones Curl, David Brown, Ruth Grunden, Mike Averill, Justin Brown, Loretta Pridemore, Kelsie Koch and Hunter Crone, Tracy Miller’s grandmother, Tressie Hatter, has pneumonia, Alice Edwards 
MILITARY : Michael Garrett, Joshua Nicholson,  Joshua Gass  
SYMPATHY: We extend our Christian sympathies to the family and friends of Betty Seacat and Little Bill Grider.
The Helper, the Holy Spirit . . .will teach you all things.
                                                                                                      John 14:26